Smartphones & Tablets

Native development for iPhone/iPad, Android and WindowsPhone. We also work with frameworks like PhoneGap or Titanium (although we prefer native coding ;))


From the most popular devices like smartwatches (AppleWatch) to the most used ones with hardware integrations like bracelets for events or connected cars.

Startup consultancy & Tech evaluations

Startup consultancy for designing business plans, objectives, download based goals and in-app purchase systems.


We work with more traditional coding in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript but also the most up to date formats and responsive mobile-first websites.

Community Management

Brand management in social networks, image management  for personal and professional use for Facebook. Real user increase for Instagram, like boosts and post customisation.

Media Campaign and App activation

We design media campaigns for app activation, with the objective of optimising users to better fulfil all of the apps purposes.

Latest Works

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