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Who is Nostro Studio?

The studio was founded in 2010 by Fernando Paternostro, in Barcelona – Spain. In 2011, Albert Fabregat joins the partnership as new business in Europe and Nostro opens its first commercial office abroad, in São Paulo – Brazil.

We are a digital and mobile studio, and everyone at Nostro is an essential part of the work we do. Our passion for technology and design makes us a hell-of-a-team!

We are always searching for perfection, either in the conceptualisation of the ideas as in the app development itself, delivering disrupting apps that improve our daily routine.

Nostro means getting the job well done, effective production processes and is a guarantee of an amazing user experience and interface in every aspect of the work we do.

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Our staff is crazy about tech, no really. In day to day life and in work tech is there at all times. We believe that in order to create something, one must live that reality first.


We are multi-language too! French, Portuguese, English, German, Catalan, Spanish… and that’s why our deliveries are always so creative and original 😉


Usability is the cream de la cream of app interface. Our creation is fully focused in guaranteeing that the user fully explores the app and understands the goals of it.


Well, we are an office that is open all hours! Between São Paulo and Barcelona we use the timezones at our advantage so from a brunch to a happy hour we are always available!

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